Skill Testing

Increase the productivity of your procurement team with assessments that identify skill-gaps and personal development options

Maturity Levels

Identify capability maturity levels for your team and for key procurement competencies


Powerful online reporting capability so you can turn data into action and action into results

Capability intelligence

Get the intelligence to predict needs, trends, uncover insights, and build capability to operate at peak performance.

Imagine being able to make a well-informed decision based on real time insight, available anywhere and anytime for decision makers in your organization. iProcure Analytics takes your organization one step closer toward realizing this vision with the capabilities and solutions that will transform how trainers, learners and mangers perform their roles, collaborate, and make decisions. How? By making sophisticated analytics more accessible, easier to use, and available to employees at any location and at any moment.

The ability to make good tactical decisions about talent is also important, and the basis for those decisions needs to be centered on recognizing needs, clearly defining them and then filling competency gaps as quickly as possible to avoid operational breakdowns due to stretched resources.

Build a community of engaged procurement professionals

Companywide visibility

Gain visibility into personal & enterprise talent capability:

  • Management bandwidth and real data to manage and engage your team.
  • Connect talent planning, recruitment and learning.

Effective competency mapping and development tool to build bench strength across your organization.

Bench Strength

Aggregate skills-gap analysis assesses internal talent readiness as measured by collective competence in a given procurement skills set, and / or the number of individuals judged ready (or soon-to-be ready) to replace a specific role. iProcure Analytics delivers.

Maturity intelligence

Align maturity targets to you’re your organizations goals.

Our maturity model shows that in the staged representation there are five levels of maturity. To move between these levels success in Key Competency Areas (KCA) agreed with your company must be achieved. Under each KPA there are targets to be met.

How well an organisation meets these requirements will result in a likely level of applied competency versus the targeted level. The degree to which you either exceed or fall short of the targeted applied competency is captured and any gaps used to determine where you would benefit from further capability development.

Reporting intelligence

Get data at your finger tips, sending actionable insight reducing the time required to make talent development decisions.

Powerful, proprietary custom reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to generate meaningful data from all elements of your company competency framework to generate multiple dashboards so that you have the data that matters to you. Allowing executives, managers and individuals to identify trends, progress, impact and results metrics that you can use to benchmark and measure performance on every level utilizing detailed reporting.

IA : All Users Competency Average Scores

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